Wednesday, December 15, 2010



  1. perhaps it's b/c i only blog when i'm in the mood that i don't frequent this blog, but thing i'm certain is that these images make me uneasy. I feel uncomfortable when i look at these coloured squares. these things aren't "blah". personally i don't like these categories of response. it's just that nowadays i want to see things that somehow articulate the things that i can't quite say, and this is not it. these images are are a basic, or primal(not to say that i think they are simple). like Lego that you can arrange. i don't want to arrange. same reason i don't look at many paintings on my Picasa collection. i want some sorta poise and finish (not that i can say what these things are exactly).

  2. The categories of response are for people who would like to not say anything elaborate, yet say something about these images. I would like to know. And they are, more than anything else, experiments with a pretty basic (and thats an understatement) software.. seeing how far i can stretch it. i am not sure how i feel about the Lego analogy, yet.